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We are a dedicated team of Advisors and Consultants who take pride in assisting our clients to achieve a secure financial future. We don’t charge for our service nor do we charge membership fees for our ongoing support.

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We are firm believers that investing in Property is the most successful and reliable method to achieve long-term wealth and financial security.

We have decades of both personal and professional experience in using investment property as a vehicle to build wealth, and we have many successful clients who we have assisted to do the same.

We can assist you to reduce your personal debt, pay your mortgage off sooner, minimise your tax, retire on your terms and build wealth for your future.

We don’t believe in making things complicated; just simple, practical measures that won’t place you under financial pressure or impact your lifestyle.

Daniel Lucev

General Manager & Principal Property Investment Advisor

Daniel LucevDaniel has been a keen property investor for twenty years, having commenced his property investment journey whilst being a serving member of the Australian Defence Force.

Upon discharging from the Army in 2005, Daniel completed a property investment accreditation in accordance with ASIC requirements, and commenced his professional investment career.

Daniel has since used his acquired knowledge and skill to assist hundreds of clients to build their wealth through property investment.

Daniel is passionate about property investment because of the significant financial advantages it provides and the impact it has on long-term wealth creation. Daniel’s early property investment success is testament to the fact that you don’t need a huge income to become a successful property investor, and shows that with the right strategy in place even those with a modest income can achieve amazing results.

Measuring his success on the success of his clients, Daniel works tirelessly to ensure the very best outcomes for each and every one of his clients.

With some careful planning and a little know-how, a secure financial future is within your reach. Contact us today to see how our knowledgeable team can assist you to reach your financial goals.