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Want to make $9,000 by doing a couple of hours work?

Here, we show you how an ordinary household shaved almost $9,000 per year off their household expenses…. …without giving up a single thing! And the best thing is, once you’ve spent a couple of hours researching and organising, it’s done – no ongoing time commitment! Sound too good to be true? Well, it isn’t! Have […]

Should You Consider Investing in Property Syndicates?

Investing in a property syndicate may seem foreign to many people, but there are a number of advantages to joining forces with others to invest in property. Whether for a residential property development or the acquisition of a commercial property, both investment vehicles can deliver great returns to investors. However, both of these investment options […]

Is now a good time to invest?

With so much doom and gloom being reported almost daily about all classes of investment lately, many people are wondering if now is a good time to invest, or if the best option is to sit tight and wait and see what happens in the property and share markets. While it may be a volatile time […]

Do you need a PAYG Tax Variation? An Lạc Symphony

What is a PAY Tax Variation Put simply, a PAYG Tax Variation is available to property investors as a way of improving cash-flow to assist in paying the expenses incurred through owning an investment property. By completing a PAYG tax variation, the investment property owner’s employer will reduce the amount of tax withheld from the property owner’s […]

Should You Invest In An Off-The-Plan Apartment?

  Apartments and off the plan apartments are often attractive options for novice investors – the marketing, the brochures and the sales people provide a level of information not readily available with other property types. This, combined with the glossy brochures and slick sales and marketing can be really enticing for investors.  However, with one […]

Is ‘flipping’ property really as easy as they make it look on TV? | An Lạc Green Symphony

For those unfamiliar with the term, ‘flipping property’essentially refers to buying, renovating and selling a property with the intention of making a relatively fast capital gain, and it is fast becoming a popular property investment strategy. With so many ‘celebrity renovators’ and  numerous renovation TV shows like The Block gracing our screens, it’s not hard to […]