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How Changes to Negative Gearing Will Effect Property Investors

There is a lot going on in the property investment space at the moment, with both sides of politics talking about proposed changes to negative gearing. Speculating on the changes to be made can be quite unsettling, however it is important to note that, even if changes are made to negative gearing, no changes will be made to the current system until July 2017.

For those of us who already own investment property, we can breathe a little easier as it is likely that the current negative gearing system will be grandfathered (meaning that negative gearing will remain available on that property for the current owners despite any changes that may be implemented for properties purchased after July 2017).

If you don’t currently own an investment property, now is the time to buy…
If you’re not yet a property investor, or you’re an investor thinking of purchasing more property, now is the time to enter the market.

Changes to negative gearing are not proposed to commence until after July 2017 – meaning that any property purchases made before that time will remain eligible for negative gearing as it currently stands.

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