Tax Minimisation

Tax Minimisation

Reduce Your Tax and Improve Your Bottom Line

Did you know, if you earn $150,000 per year, you will typically pay over $45,000 in tax?!

We can show you how to redirect your money from paying tax to improving your financial position. It’s legal, it’s legitimate and it’s about YOU keeping your money instead of giving it away.

You work hard for your money and there are simple strategies you can put in place to have your money work for you. Discover how to:

  • Reduce your tax bills… through smart, legal financial structures and negative gearing.
  • Reduce your PAYG tax each pay cycle… so you get tax minimisation benefits all year long (no need to wait for your tax return).
  • Maximise your tax refund… don’t miss out on claiming everything you’re entitled to claim.

Tax Minimisation is for Everyone

Many people think tax minimisation strategies are only for big business and those on a very high income. The truth is anyone can benefit from a closer look at their tax situation.

We’re here to show you how everyday individuals and families can reduce their outgoing tax and improve their financial position. Call Prosperity Wealth Services today for more information.

Tax Minimisation

Getting results…

“I was surprised at how logical his (PWS Advisor’s) approach is, and that I was not informed about this method by my mortgage broker or my bank.” – Kevin, Kardinya (Click here to read Kevin’s full testimonial.)