“Passionate about what they do”

After speaking with (PWS Advisor) I felt satisfied that I was dealing with somebody who was not only passionate about what they do, but that genuinely knew what they were talking about.

With his guidance, I was able to purchase my first investment property in a way that sat comfortably with my wife and I – our home was not directly linked to the investment. I was surprised at how logical his approach is, and that I was not informed about this method by my mortgage broker or my bank.

I have since purchased my second investment property and am currently looking to upgrade our family home. Without (PWS Advisor’s) expertise and assistance, I would not have had the confidence to make these purchases.


“There is a smarter way to invest”

We are happy to recommend (PWS Advisor’s) services. He showed us how to streamline our finances and how to restructure the investment property we purchased 6 years ago through an investment group that was secured against our home. With his help, we now realise we were structured incorrectly and that there is a smarter way to invest that minimises our risk and maximises our cash flow.

Our current investment property has presented us with some headaches over the years, however with (PWS’s) structure in place we now feel confident to continue investing.

Stephen and NarrelleMarangaroo

“Our first investment property”

After having a bad experience in property investment years ago PWS gave us the confidence to again dive back in and have a go at investing in property. We were able to purchase our first investment property with peace of mind and now are in the process of investing in our second property.

Without our PWS advisor we would have been still out of the investment property market. He gave us confidence to get back in and gave us great guidance along the way.

We both are happy to recommend PWS and have done so with other friends of ours.

Craig and Rebecca

“Our investment has come into life”

We have always thought about investing in property but had no guts to do it until a friend referred us to PWS. PWS assisted us in sorting out our existing finances and opened our eyes to property investing. Daniel patiently explained the concept of property investing at our own pace and in a way it is very easy for starters to understand. By understanding the risks, it gave us the confidence to make that very first investment. 7 months later, our investment has come into life and now we have our sights on a second one.

Jerry and Maria